Specialist services

After 25 years' experience as a Chartered Accountant, Robert Clarkson's heart was for the establishment of a Christian accountancy practice in Bradford to advise charities, churches and pastors in accounting, audit and taxation matters. Through recommendations this sector of the business has expanded to cover areas throughout England. We wish to establish a one to one relationship with each client, understanding their uniqueness and our aim is to provide a first class service tailored to their specific needs.

Accounting and taxation issues surrounding charities, churches and pastors become ever more complex and we are in an ideal place to offer practical advice covering these areas .

It is also our aim to provide encouragement and a helping hand to assist charities and churches to reach their full potential. All employees of Clarkson and Company strongly support the Christian ethics of the business. Our commitment to clients and a desire to work with them as part of a team has led to many new charities and churches joining us. Our clients express their appreciation at our understanding of their circumstances and common desire to see their objectives fulfilled.


Clarkson and Company bring a wealth of experience from both assisting charity clients and the staffs own involvement with local charities as either trustees or treasurers.


Robert Clarkson is a Christian and wishes to support churches through Clarkson and Company.

Not for profit

Not-for-profit organisations are part of a growing sector in the UK economy.


Clarkson and Company act for a number of pastors ministering to churches throughout the UK.